Crossed #9

Crossed #9 cover

Feb 2010 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The two groups are hoping to reunite, but things don’t look good for either of them when the pack of crossed catch up.

This issue is difficult for me to review. The heavy feelings of it finally being over have put this weight of depression on me. It’s a feeling similar to what you get when you leave a great movie and walk out into the real world like you’ve just finally returned home, but the pangs of wanting to go back and experience more stick with you.

A few posts back I had complained about not wanting things to ride on a final confrontation. That’s exactly what I got. I have mixed feelings on this. I’m still a bit surprised I found myself rooting for the survivors. I am partially glad with the closure given by the final confrontation. I also feel the loss of more survivors deaths, particularly the two I wanted to live. It was awful and beautiful at the same time.

The exposition really helped this ending settle in my gut. It made me more open to accept how it ended and the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with that. It might not have had the epic wow I was looking for, but it had an impact nonetheless. Part of me craves more, but another part is content to leave things how they are. I don’t think any other survival-horror series will come close to having the effect Crossed had on me. I am glad to have read this. It will be a hard thing to fill this emptiness within me.

Be with you soon.

I promise.

Crossed #8

Crossed #8 cover

Dec 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The weight of last issue’s tragedy weighs heavily on the survivors. They stop to rest in a crashed military helicopter.

After the reading of Mike’s journal, had to take a break. the grim reality of this world crisis settled in my gut like a rock. Despite knowing the severity of things, the focus has always been on the group and what they encounter and have to do to survive. Mikes journal made it more real providing more insight to the dire state of things and the last moments of his life. I felt a few pangs at his loss. Especially that last frame focused on his skull.

When I picked up the book again it just got better. Last issue’s tragedy did have a big impact on everyone and I was a bit shocked at the next casualty. I loved the realization that through all they’ve survived, they’ve been losing their humanity, growing numb to the violence.

Now the group is split, I find myself wanting them to live, wanting them to find whatever haven of safety they’re looking for. I want that happy ending I criticized the past issue. I want it to end.

I’d never had the time to figure out if we were friends, or if we just survived together. If the world had never changed, I doubt we would have been.

Crossed #7

Crossed #6 cover

Sep 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group continues through the desert only to find they are being tracked by a pack of crossed, the same crossed they encountered before. It isn’t long before the group loses another member.

This issue didn’t please me too much, especially with the latest casualty. I can believe the character acted how she did, but I still expected to see some emotion, some hint of tragedy’s effect. Still, I am really glad the story went there. It was a nice face slap and I didn’t fully expect that. It just didn’t have the impact the past big surprises have yielded. I am still enjoying it though, and the writing.

We were sick of running from the vermin, sick of cowering in the dark, sick of making snap decisions and abandoning lost souls because fitting might just cost us dearly:

sick of giving up our humanity.

Right now, I’m worried that being down to only a couple issues left, it will all to come down to a confrontation of that pack of crossed and the survivors. I want something awesome to happen – something horrific and far from pleasant. I don’t want this to have a happy, hope-filled conclusion. I don’t want some typical final battle crap. I want something with a lingering impact that’ll keep my brain occupied well after the last page.

Crossed is still one of my favorite books and shall hopefully remain so. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get the ending I hope for.

Crossed #6

Crossed #6 cover

Jun 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group continues their planning and learn some shocking things about one of their group mates.

Another wonderful issue. That scene where Geoff comes out and tells his story was totally hilarious and wonderful. I could totally picture that timid old man doing something like that. Damn, that was good.

And I still have only good things to say about this series, it’s wonderful dark and disturbing tone, and the beautiful violence. Their troubles just continue being a downward spiral and I’m always anxious what wonderful things await in the next issue. I will be sorry to see this end. There’s really not enough stuff like this out there.

Read it.

Crossed #5

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May 2009 | Avatar

Story: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group, unwilling to wait out the snow, is headed through the Rockies in winter.

I like hearing how things are in other parts of the world. I wondered if it were just isolated, but that was a bit hard to swallow with how much and how severe the chaos broke out.

I also liked hearing the discussion about what makes the crossed how they are, and this quack radio broadcast was brought up giving the whole divine judgment religious angle. I was wondering when that would happen.

The writing still makes me sigh like a teenager experiencing her first crush. It’s just so lyrical and wonderful and the story is STILL getting better each issue.

He shot himself that same night. I never knew his name, and I was shocked when I realised that I didn’t care.

This memoir style of exposition is so beautiful. It really enhances the experience of following these survivors on this seeming hopeless journey to Alaska. I felt very moved how this issue ended and the wolves.

I need the next issue. I need it now, y’hear me?! NOW!

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