Colder TPB

coverOct 2013 | Dark Horse

Writing: Paul Tobin
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Cover: Juan Ferreyra

Declan, an ex-resident of an asylum is taken in by a nurse and given care. He has a mysterious condition that which makes his body cold. He also has a strange ability to pass into the world only insane people can see and cure their ailments. Unfortunately, something there hunts him in the real world.

Wow. Just. Wow. When I started into this I didn’t stop until it was over. This book is perfect in art and prose and the story it tells leaves me questioning my own sanity at the end of it. Well, not really, but it certainly did things to me-pleasurable things. It was quite the ride and I had no idea where it planned to go.

The other side of the world that only the insane people could see is such a magical place! The strange buildings and layout, all those awful people and monsters and horrible things! They were the things I didn’t know I dreamed of.  They were such beautiful monstrosities! The giant bull dog-hands and that walking arm throne monster. The theatre that was packed with all those one-eyed… things. They were so creative and wonderful I found myself staring for great lengths in admiration. It may sound weird to some, but I really enjoy and admire good horribles. They are all beautiful to me in disturbing ways.

Nimble Jack has been added to my most favourite characters ever list. His gleeful insanity was so perfect and the things he’d do to people and Declan make me wonder about the sanity of his creator. It’s just one of those things were you wonder where did it all come from? How could anyone think up any of this unless it were all somehow real? Even the insanities were all believable to me. I’m having a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits moment, heh.

I’m left feeling empty now that it is over. I feel like a part of me, some colour, drained away-stolen and never to be regained. I’m just empty. None of it was real after all. I was never insane.

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