Battle of the Planets Thundercats

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May 2003 | Image

Writing: Munier Sharieff
Pencils: Alvin Lee | Rob Ross | Alan Tam
Colour: Therealt! | Ken Siu-Chong | Simon Yeung
Letters: Dreamer Design’s Robin Spehar | Dennis Heisler | Martin Barnes

The Spectra have found Thundera and plan to harvest it’s Thundrillium. G-Force must team up with the Thundercats before the planet is killed, reduced to wasteland, and before the fracture in space closes stranding G-Force on Thundera forever.

This crossover is pretty feasible. I could see the Spectra finding Thundera, harvest their resources, and enslave the populace as it does so many other worlds. I would have thought the mutants would have been too fearful of Mumm-ra to risk doing what they did, but oh well.

I’m not surprised I feel like I’m reading some sort of doujin. Being a crossover of Battle of the Planets and Thundercats, it’s hard not too, despite it coming from a respected publisher. It still puts me off a bit and makes me hard to take it seriously.

Still, it was a good crossover and story and I’m glad it was a one-off. I wouldn’t have invested in this, otherwise.

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